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40 years of protecting the environment and benefitting mankind with biotech eco-hygiene technology.

BioPlus® Multipurpose Bio-cleaning

A multipurpose, more effective and sustainable alternative to conventional disinfecting chemical cleaning solutions

What is Biodegradation Technology?

Calfarme and our biotech products have been recognized by most authorities worldwide

Calfarme is an integrated product development, manufacturing and marketing company living to deliver biotech eco-hygiene solutions to sustain a green, safe and comfortable build environment.

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BioPlus® Multipurpose Bio-cleaning
BioTabs® Water-saving Biological Urinal Systems
FoamCare™ Alcohol-free All-in-one Sanitizer
FreshMate™ Natural Odor Controls
Touch-free Automatic Sanitary Disposal Bins with Oxo-biodegradable Liners
Dispensers: for foam, liquids and premixing

ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America brought together top executives in the global cleaning industry meet to drive innovation, productivity and profitability. Calfarme has made amazing exposure at the expo...

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