Calfarme Eco-hygiene Product Solutions

We pride ourselves in offering you a comprehensive range of eco-hygiene product solutions:

  • BioPlus® Multipurpose Bio-cleaning
  • BioTabs® Water-saving Biological Urinal Systems
  • FoamCare™ Alcohol-free All-in-one Sanitizer
  • FreshMate™ Natural Odor Controls
  • Touch-free Automatic Sanitary Disposal Bins with Oxo-biodegradable Liners
  • Dispensers for foam, liquids and premixing

Calfarme’s bio-enzymatic formulations reach deep beyond most surfaces to clean, eliminate foul odors, protect cleaned surfaces against new contaminants, and prevent pipes from clogging. Calfarme’s cleaning and maintenance applications include commercial and industrial buildings and facilities, household and personal hygiene, hotels, hospitals, institutions, mass transit, transportation hubs and public spaces.

Calfarme’s dispensers and equipment are designed to be reliable, cost-effective and easy to maintain. Our consumable materials and refills include natural organic gels and essential oils for odor control, bio-enzymatic cleaning, deodorizer, laundry wash and insect control products, non-alcohol hand sanitizer, foam wash, liquid soap, hair and body shampoos.

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