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FOAMCARE™ Spray & Wipe All Purpose Surface Sanitizer 1L Twin-Pack


Effective, quick-drying foam sanitizer system cleans and sanitizes hands and surfaces with 24 hours of anti-bacterial protection.

• Kills 99.99% of Germs that may cause illness.

• Saves soap by up to 95%, places no strain on effluent systems.

• Cleans and sanitizes the hands, all surfaces (Streak-free) and toilet seats.

• Provides up to 24 hours of anti-bacterial protection without rinse.

• Safe with contact on sensitive skin, infants and toddlers.

• Alcohol-free, non-flammable and non-toxic.

• Soap-free, no-triclosan, no SLES/SLS and non preservatives.

• Eco-friendly packaging refills in 50 ml sachet, reduces environmental impact for disposal or storage and delivery.


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FOAMCARE™ Spray & Wipe All Purpose Surface Sanitizer – TWIN PACK (1 with Trigger Sprayer + 1 Refill)

Ready-to-use Spray & Wipe Clean & Sanitize All Surfaces

SPRAY & WIPE: Simply spray FOAM CARE™ directly onto surfaces and wipe clean with a dry to damp cloth. For heavy dirt and grime, spray and let stand for few minutes then wipe clean or rinse. Rinse the cloth frequently in clean water. FOAM CARE™ will not harm polished or shine coated surfaces. SAFE TO USE AS RINSE‐FREE HAND SANITIZER OR SPRAY WITH ATOMIZER/MIST SPRAYER & FOAM PUMP DISPENSERS.

ALL PURPOSE SURFACE SANITIZER: Kills 99.99% of all germs that may cause illness. FOAM CARE™ clean and sanitize all surfaces safely without rinse. After wipe, FOAM CARE™ provides up to 24 hours anti‐bacterial protection against a wide range of bacteria and viruses. For Air Sanitizer/Deodorizer, FOAM CARE™ effectively kills the odor‐causing bacteria and viruses to cleanse the air with spray/wipe, electrostatic mist sprayer and fogging systems.

CLEAN AND SANITIZE ALL SURFACES: Formulated for use with any sprayers and foam pump dispensers. ALCOHOL‐FREE, NONFLAMMABLE & STREAK‐FREE! FOAM CARE™ Spray & Wipe All Purpose Surface Sanitizer is suitable for use on most surfaces in bathroom, tiles, glass/mirrors, basins, bench tops, stainless steel, chrome, taps and acrylic surfaces. Ideal for use in kitchen, food preparation areas (remove food before application) and hospitals.

FOR REFILL: FOAM CARE™ Concentrate Antiseptic Hand Wash Foam in 4 liters – Dilute up to 10 parts with water (1 liter to 10 liters with water) and FOAM CARE™ Concentrate All-in-one Sanitizer 50ml Sachet – Dilute one FOAM CARE™ Concentrate 50ml Sachet up to 20 parts with water (1 sachet to 1 liter with water).

Calfarme FOAM CARE™ Spray & Wipe All Purpose Surface Sanitizer has been included in NEA’s Interim List of Household Products and Active Ingredients for Surface Disinfection of the COVID‐19 Virus. More information: https://www.nea.gov.sg/our-services/public-cleanliness/environmental-cleaning-guidelines/guidelines/list-of-household-products-and-active-ingredients-for-disinfection-of-covid-19

Physical and chemical properties:

Physical state: Liquid

Color: Colorless

Odor: characteristic

pH: 5 ‐ 6

Flash point: > 100°C

Flammability (solid, gas): Non‐flammable

Solubility: Soluble In water

Viscosity: 1 cp (20°C)

Ingredients: Coco Glucoside (Plant‐based), Coco Betaine, Polyquaternium 7, Benzalkonium Chloride, Pure Essential Oil/Extract, Water.

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