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EcoBath™ 600ml to 1,000ml All-in-one Shower Crème, Hair Shampoo & Lotion Soap


Calfarme soap dispensers and equipment are designed to be reliable, functional, cost-effective and easy to maintain.Easy installation with heavy-duty adhesive tape or permanent screw mounting provided.
• Practical, durable and user-friendly design
• Designed for uses in all washroom and shower areas
• Refillable and disposable soap cartridges
• Control usage with longer intervals between refills, ensures cost saving
• Concentrate and ready-to-use liquid hand and body wash, anti-bacterial foam hand wash
• Perfect for Hotels, Recreation Clubs, Health Spas, Medical Centres, Restaurants, Factories, Offices and Homes

Wall-mount and portable dilution dispensers provide accurate dilution control, turns any bottle or container into a Closed Loop dispenser system.
• Closed loop dispensing system is easy to use and ensures you’re always using the correct ratios
• Dual dilution option allows the user to simply turn a lever to create a different dilution rate from the same concentrate

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600ml & 1,000ml SOAP-IN-BAG DISPOSABLE CARTRIDGES – Designed for one time use fast and easy loading. Sanitary sealed bags prevent contamination and empty completely without wastage. Minimum 1,000 to 2000 doses per bag (0.5ml to 1ml per dose). Available EcoBath™ All-in-one Hair & Body Wash and EcoWash™ Ultra-mild Hand & Body Shampoo. NZFSA, MPI Approval Pending C52.

600ml & 1,000ml Disposable cartridges are designed for use in ASDW-1000, SDW-1000, SDW-950 and CSD-600 Soap Dispensers.

Standard Packing: 12 x 600ml bag per carton, 12 x 1000ml bag per carton

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Single Product, One Carton, More than one carton

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