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BioTabs® Pink Flush


Water-saving, odor control and trouble-free biological urinal solution for all low-flush, conventional and waterless urinal systems.

• 100% green, biological based.
• Reduces water usage by converting flushing urinals into low-flush or waterless fixtures instantly.
• Ecological and refillable when empty.
• Reduces maintenance costs by maintaining free flowing drains in conventional flushing and waterless urinals.
• Effective drain maintainer, breaking down all organic matter.
• Safe for all sewage system treatment, plumbing and drain line maintenance.
• Long lasting and guaranteed to last 10,000 to 15,000 users without flushing.
• All content, plastic and packaging materials are biodegradable.

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105g Diameter size: 110mm

Designed for flushing urinal with 1.0liter to 1.5liters water per flush. Lasts up to 10,000 users/cycles with 1.0litre water per flush or averagely 1 to 2 months depend on the flow rate of urinal drainage. With BioTabs®, urinals are easy to clean and maintain with BioPlus®, do not used acidic chemicals or disinfectant cleaners.

Singapore Green Label Certification No: 043-033-1327

NZFSA MPI Approved C-102 (All animal product except diary)

UL ECOLOGO® Certified (UL 2780-2011)

Standard Packing: 24 pieces X 105g per carton

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Single Product, One Carton, More than one carton

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