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BIOPLUS® Spray & Wipe Multipurpose Biological Cleaner & Deodorizer 1L


Safe and multifunctional, BioPlus® removes odors biologically, cleans all surfaces and replaces all other disinfectants and chemicals – saving you water, labor and costs.

• 100% green, biological based.
• Low VOC certified.
• Effectively seeks out organic wastes.
• Inhibits growth of pathogenic bacteria.
• Clears and maintains drainage pipes.
• Eliminates sources of most offensive odors.
• Safe, non-toxic to humans and animals, biodegradable, non-acidic, non-caustic and guaranteed non-pathogenic strains.
• Dramatically reduces BOD, COD, TSS and CO2.

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BIOPLUS® Multipurpose Biological Cleaner & Deodorizer – TWIN PACK (1 with Trigger Sprayer + 1 Refill)

Spray & Wipe
Clean All Surfaces

Safe, Effective and Environmentally-Friendly.

Protect YOU

BIO PLUS® is 100% Green, more effective and sustainable alternative to conventional disinfecting chemical cleaning solutions.

Multipurpose Bio-Cleaning – ODOR FREE
A powerful biological cleaning formula that acts on organic wastes, disease causing bacteria and eliminates the source of most obnoxious odors.

Spray & Wipe – STREAK FREE
BIOPLUS® clean all surfaces through spray and wipe or mop method. After cleaning, rinse cloth or mop with clean water and squeeze it thoroughly before hanging up to dry. Neutral pH will not harm polished or shine coated surfaces.

Clean All Surfaces – CONTAMINANT FREE
BIOPLUS® clean all floors, toilets fixtures, urinals, mirror/ window, carpets, sofa/upholstery, drain and grease trap. BIOPLUS® reaches deeper into most surfaces, floor grout, cracks, crevices and corner that cannot be cleaned by conventional methods and protects cleaned surfaces with durable and lasting residual protection against new contaminants (including pests such as dust mites, bed bugs, fleas, ants, cockroaches and other crawling insects).

FOR REFILL: BIOPLUS® Concentrate Multipurpose Biological Active in 4 liters/5 liters – Dilute up to 20 parts with water (50ml to 1 liter with water) and BIOPLUS® Concentrate Multipurpose Biological Active 25ml Sachet – Dilute one BIOPLUS® Concentrate 25ml Sachet up to 40 parts with water (1 sachet 25ml to 1 liter with water).

Non-toxic to humans and animals, non-acidic, non-caustic and guaranteed non-pathogenic strains.

INGREDIENTS: Alkyl poly glycoside (Plant-based), Bacterial Spores Blend (Bacillus Strains)

UL Environments’ ECOLOGO® Certified
Certification No: 84556-4270
UL 2792 – 2012 Standard for Sustainability for Cleaning and Degreasing Compounds: Biologically-based.

Standard Packing: 6 sets per carton

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