CLEANBIO® All-in-one Laundry Wash

A powerful biologically-based cleaning formula that cleans and eliminates odors and disease-causing bacteria on all clothes, towels and fine fabrics without the needs for fabric softener rinse or fluorescent whitening agent and will not irritate the skin. After each wash, it will give clothing a durable and lasting, residual protection against new contaminants, mold and mildew growth including pests such as dust mites, bed bugs thus making the next washing much easier.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Suitable for machine wash, hand wash and dry clean application.

MACHINE WASH: Use 1 measurement capful (50ml) for small load of washing (3 kg) and 2 measurement capful (100ml) for larger load of washing (7 kg above)

HAND WASH: Pour 1 measurement capful (50ml) for every 10 litres with preferably warm water. Drop in your clothes and allow to soak for at least an hour or overnight for best result. Then gently rub and rinse off with clean water.

DRY CLEAN/ODORS: Dilute 1 measurement cap (50ml) up to 1,000ml with water in a sprayer bottle. Spray on clothing and wipe clean with damp towel cloth or sponge and allow to dry.

Non-Toxic to humans or animals and all contents are biodegradable. Non-Acidic, Non-Caustic and Guaranteed Non-Pathogenic strains. ALL NATURAL!

Contains plant-based surfactant with biological active ingredients and fragrance.

CAUTION: Do not mix with bleach products, sanitizers and fabric softener.

Standard Packing: 12 X 1,000 ml per carton

CLEANBIO® and BIOCLEAN™ formulations are also produced by Calfarme for cleaning and maintenance applications. Calfarme has pioneered this particular-aspect of biotechnology for washroom hygiene, cleaning and odour control.

Benefits compared to conventional cleaning solutions, our range of CLEANBIO® and BIOCLEAN™ products:
• Safe to use and store. Non-Toxic, Non-Acidic, Non-Caustic. All Natural.
• Easy to use. Packaged in plastic containers, spray bottles, sachets and tablets.
• Cost effective & Economical.
• Energy & Water savings.
• Naturally derived Non-Pathogenic, Enzymes-Producing Bacillus strains.
• Reduce pollution caused by waste materials.
• Surfaces are deep cleaned and hygienically, fresh smelling.
• Does not damage or erode any surface when cleaning.
• Reduce odours, No-Rinse & Non-Slip Cleaner.
• Clears and maintains drainage pipes.
• Dramatically reduces Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and breakdown wastes into Carbon Dioxide (CO2) & Water (H2O).