BLUE FLUSH™ Automatic WC Toilet Maintainer

Simply place BLUE FLUSH™ inside the water closet and you can say goodbye to dirty, smelly toilets.

Dosed automatically with every flush that cleans and freshens up to 60 days.  

Environmental-friendly BIOENZYMATIC action

BLUE FLUSH™ works automatically with every flush, releasing a powerful biological cleaning formula that breaks down organic waste (including toilet tissue) and a refreshing scent to last till the next flush. By cleaning organic waste out of the toilet systems, BLUE FLUSH™ eliminates the source of stains encrustations and malodours. At the same time, it keeps drains free-flowing and choke-free. Prevents bleeding of mosquitos and larvae in the stagnant water closet. Good for 1,000 to 1,500 flushes.

All contents of BLUE FLUSH™ are biodegradable and environmentally‐friendly. BLUE FLUSH™ contains the same kind of bacteria blend that should be added to septic and sewerage systems. Safe for all sewage system treatment, plumbing and drain line maintenance.

Standard Packing: 24 x 100g per carton

CLEANBIO® and BIOCLEAN™ formulations are also produced by Calfarme for cleaning and maintenance applications. Calfarme has pioneered this particular-aspect of biotechnology for washroom hygiene, cleaning and odour control.

Benefits compared to conventional cleaning solutions, our range of CLEANBIO® and BIOCLEAN™ products:
• Safe to use and store. Non-Toxic, Non-Acidic, Non-Caustic. All Natural.
• Easy to use. Packaged in plastic containers, spray bottles, sachets and tablets.
• Cost effective & Economical.
• Energy & Water savings.
• Naturally derived Non-Pathogenic, Enzymes-Producing Bacillus strains.
• Reduce pollution caused by waste materials.
• Surfaces are deep cleaned and hygienically, fresh smelling.
• Does not damage or erode any surface when cleaning.
• Reduce odours, No-Rinse & Non-Slip Cleaner.
• Clears and maintains drainage pipes.
• Dramatically reduces Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and breakdown wastes into Carbon Dioxide (CO2) & Water (H2O).

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