ASDW-1000 No-touch, Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser with Manual Option

Dimensions: 240mm(H) x 140mm(W) x 90mm(D)

Type/Refill: White ABS Cover, 1,000 ml refillable cartridge/disposable cartridge

Dispensing Dosage: Approx. 1 ml.

Specifications: Power Supply: 3 “C” cell alkaline batteries

Detecting Distance: Pre-set at 10cm, 2 – 20cm adjustable

Response Time: 1.2 seconds

Alkaline Battery: 12 months or 50,000 usages

Calfarme soap dispensers and equipment are designed to be reliable, functional, cost-effective and easy to maintain.Easy installation with heavy-duty adhesive tape or permanent screw mounting provided.
• Practical, durable and user-friendly design
• Designed for uses in all washroom and shower areas
• Refillable and disposable soap cartridges
• Control usage with longer intervals between refills, ensures cost saving
• Concentrate and ready-to-use liquid hand and body wash, anti-bacterial foam hand wash
• Perfect for Hotels, Recreation Clubs, Health Spas, Medical Centres, Restaurants, Factories, Offices and Homes

Wall-mount and portable dilution dispensers provide accurate dilution control, turns any bottle or container into a Closed Loop dispenser system.
• Closed loop dispensing system is easy to use and ensures you’re always using the correct ratios
• Dual dilution option allows the user to simply turn a lever to create a different dilution rate from the same concentrate

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